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  1. For those of you who've had several Prada bags, I was wondering about the durability of the leather bags.

    I've never purchased Prada before. Have a Gucci travel bag (coated) & a Louis Vuitton Damier Speedy which are both very durable. I've had Coach leather bags in the past- no trouble....etc...

    But I know that some brands and/or bags can be more high maintenance or less durable. For example- I've heard that the Gucci GG print fabric wears and eventually can fray. And of course the light vachetta on new Louis Vuitton bags can stain easily, etc. and I would never want vachetta on the bottom of a bag b/c it would get so dirty.

    So, was wondering about the durability of the leather Prada bags & how they hold up over time with normal wear. Can you clean the leather? Any trouble with corners wearing, etc.??

  2. Prada calf skin is very durable...holds up well....still holds it's sheen after years of use..LOVE it! The saffiano wears like iron...period...there were a few finishes that have come out over the years that don't hold up so well but I never bought them...I'm sure more members will chime in here....

    I do keep my bags moisturized and I don't have an issue w/ corners wearing...but I rotate my bags and don't throw them up on a rock pile--kwim?!
  3. I totally agree with Emmy.
  4. Thanks ladies! What do you clean & moisturize with?
  5. Appleguard or Coach lotion....I put the lotion right into my hands, rub it around, and then massage the lotion into the bag....I buff w/ a soft rag after it sets in...a sale's girl told me this a long time ago when I bought a leather jacket...supposedly it's the best way to moisturize leather...
  6. does anyone know how to care for the saffiano leather? i find it tends to look really old and dirty fast

  7. Damp rag, wipe off the dirt, wipe it dry. That's all you need to do. Some gals here use baby wipes, but I'm not sure about those myself, so I stick to what the Prada care cards say and that's a damp rag.
  8. ^ I do the same thing PP....I use a damp microfiber cloth...