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  1. what do u think is more durable? sig (including sateen), leather, or patent?
  2. Leather. Without a doubt.

    Sateen and sig can get dirty and fray. If you're not careful with patent it can crack.
  3. Leather!!!!!
  4. leather, no doubt
    patent has been good to me too though
  5. Wow, I'm surprised by the responses. I always thought it was patent, at least in Coach lines. I didn't realize that patent could crack!
  6. MFF Nylon from 2004. It's a BEAST!
  7. Leather!! But all Coach is pretty durable. The Jacquard fabric is pretty resilient. Patent, although it can crack, can hold it's own fairly well. Leather...especially pebbled...can withstand almost anything when cared for!
  8. I have this amazing pebbled leather bag that has been through a lot. I do care for her though, she gets moisturized often.

    My leather Madison cracked within weeks of receiving her, so I'm a little scared. When I get the replacement, I may not keep her, sadly. She scares me too much.

    How does one prevent patent from cracking?
  9. How does the coated canvas hold up ? I just picked up one for rainy days and am hoping I did not make a mistake.
  10. I love the coated canvas, perfect for all weather.
  11. I hope Patent holds up well, I just got my 1st Patent bag...Well, its my 1st leather bag period.I think some of the older sig. is pretty durable..The thick fabric! I think every material has its own issues...It also depends on how you treat your bags....:smile:
  12. Leather....
  13. Leather for sure.
  14. Leather .... no question about it
  15. Leather. Definitely. Time-tested.

    Siggy fabric can be a pain to keep clean. Patent leather is okay, as long as the plasticky coating is still intact.