durability of vernis

  1. i just bought a vernis minna street bag; i love it, but am wondering if its an everyday bag and how durable is the vernis line? i am not hard on my bags, but do want to use it everyday, please advise, thanks!!
  2. just enjoy your new bag without worrying anything :tup:
  3. If you're not rough with your bags, then I don't think you'd have a problem. Just don't leave your bags in contact with things for an extended period of time because there is a possibility of color transfering.
  4. I always liked the vernis line but I have always been afraid to buy one because it looks like it will damage easily. Any info added to this thread would be great! Maybe I could be convinced to get one.
  5. ^ i initially thought the same thing, but vernis is actually somewhat durable. it's pretty resistant to scratches. and yeah as John said, you just need to be careful about color transfer. so if you have a wallet or cles i'd suggest keeping it in its dustbag while in another bag, because ink (from pens, magazines), dye from interior, purseket or what not can rub off on it. the darker colors like amarante and pomme have less issues with color transfer.

    i've had my vernis Rosewood in amarante for about 2 months now, and have used it probably ~20 times. the vernis is holding up great. i did get some scuffs on it recently but i was able to remove it (see my other thread) in this sub-form. You do occasionaly see tiny scratches that look like pin marks but they are very subtle and not very noticeable.
  6. I was going to buy and agenda in vernis and the sa did say one of the cons was it was a little more delicate. I am very careful with things but the way she said it threw me off a bit so I went with the damier canvas. I love the vernis pieces though. So pretty. I still might add it to my collection.
  7. ahhh yes that was the other thing they said. If anything with color gets on it it sets into it fairly easily or something like that.

  8. My late mom bought a vernis agenda in 2002 in the old red and used it and I am using it now for the second year- in fact I switched back to it because my agenda in mandarin looked so beaten up after roughly a year- from my experience vernis is much more durable then many people think! And I have a reade too and love it, durable too.
  9. I'd say vernis is pretty durable. I've had a framboise Ludlow that I've used on and off for the last two years. I've thrown it in my bag so many times and not a scratch on it.
  10. Vernis is durable and low-maintenance depending on the color you choose. I got a framboise flat pouch last February and use it EVERYDAY to hold bills and coins. It hasnt got any scratches at all - just pen marks.