Durability of the Pandora

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  1. Hi all! I was wondering how durable the medium/large Pandora bags are! It looks like you may not be able to carry a lot in it because it only has 1 handle? I'm afraid I won't be able to put too many things in it or anything heavy in it. How is the leather? Is it prone to fading, scratches, colour transfer, etc.? Thanks in advance!!! :lol:
  2. I have a medium in black Pepe leather (the wrinkly kind). This bag is indestructible.
  3. I've been using my large panda on a regular basis the last 2 years and it still looks brand new. I use it for work and sometimes stuff a change of clothes + toiletry kit along with my daily stuff. I love travelling with it and despite keeping it underneath the seat in front of me, the bag has no scratches whatsoever. It's very durable and the design is very sturdy. Stitching is all intact and no signs of wear on edges. :smile:

    I just bought a new panda in vachette leather (young cow hide) so interested in how it'll age. It's actually from 2010 but the bag still looks brand new. So I hope that's a good sign. :smile:
  4. The Pandora is surprising strong and can hold alot. I have read of some fading/changing of color on some (esp the pepe)...but alot of brands suffer this issue. Really depends on the color you choose. Blues and purples are more prone to fading/changing than other colors, it seems.

    A double handle or wider surface will certainly distribute the weight of the bag more widely but I find that my well loaded medium is pretty comfy and holds up well. This is not the ideal bag to use as a trunk but a great daily wear bag with surprising capacity.

    If you truly need a trunk of a bag to carry everything and the kitchen sink, perhaps consider a proper tote style, like nightingale. The wider shoulder strap distributes a heavy load very nicely.
  5. This is a timely question for me. I was just about to purchase one tonight, but got scared because of my bad experience with my Lucrezia.
    The SA I talked to tonight said that the pepe leather is extremely durable and just doesn't show much wear, but I don't want to get burned again.

    Please let us know what you decide.
  6. schadenfreude: Thank you for replying! :smile:

    mmmilkman: Thanks for your input! The bag sounds like it doesn't require babying!! :P How is the vachette leather compared to the leather of your previous bag?

    hrhsunshine: Thank you for replying! :smile: I was looking at photos of the Nightingale as well and have seen it in the stores, but I am not really drawn to it! The Pandora seems like a really easy bag to use. I usually have my wallet, phone, keys, water bottle, tissue, mirror, and occasionally umbrella/camera in my bag. I'm a bit worried since some of the sealant on my handles of my Bal bag has come off, not sure if it's due to carrying it too often or putting to much in my bag.

    EmilyAnne: Oh no...what happened with your Lucrezia? :nogood: (Thank you for your response!)

    (sorry...I can't reply if I multi-quote!! :tdown:)
  7. The vachette leather is more smooth to the touch than the goatskin. I just recently got my vachette panda but for a preloved bag from 2010, the leather with its distressed treatment still has that shiny brand new look. I took it out for the second time today and I got caught under the rain! Lol. No water marks were left on the leather which is a good sign (or maybe it just blended in with the leather.) :lol:
  8. Congratulations! I hope it survives the rain! I really dislike it when I bring my leather bags out and it starts to rain!!
  9. This bag is indestructible! I have a large black pepe that I will use when I travel or fill with textbooks and my laptop for class. I've had it almost 2 years and it looks as good as the day I got it. I also have a wristlet, mini, small and two mediums--they have all worn so well despite how terribly I treat them! The only one that has shown any wear at all is my red pepe mini, but in all fairness, that one gets carried out to bars, festivals, trips etc so of course it's going to show wear more. Of all the bags I have these or my Stella McCartney's have probably held up the best--I've never had the quality issues with these that I had with LV, Prada etc.
  10. Thank you for replying! It does sound like a really durable bag! I'm quite disappointed that the other brands (i.e. Prada) have quality issues!
  11. I have the mini and small, I adore both.:love:
    :crybaby:However, I noticed the shoulder strap on my small is starting to peel/crack. It's only 2months old and I never overload them. A couple of small pouches, small purse, and keys. The stitching appears to be fine, as is the leather. The problem is that because the strap is made of two or more layers, they have started to separate. I will upload some photos of what i mean. I apologize in advance for the 3gs camera quality!

    I've emailed Harrods, in hope they can help/get the strap replaced. Fingers crossed I can & that it was just a single unfortunate occurrence.:sad:
  12. It's the middle of the strap where the seams are matched together, on both edges. Sigh...
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396059976.344604.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396060002.432023.jpg
  13. hi there, im considering of getting a mini in sheepskin but im worried after i saw what happened to yours.. hows the durability on your mini? and do you think its worth it? would love to hear your opinion. thanks
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    I absolutely adore my pandoras, I believe what happened with the shoulder strap on my small was a rare QC problem. As I actually struggled to find anyone else with similar problems. I also asked a knowledgable member, who hadn't come across this problem either.
    Buy from a reputable retailer with a good after-purchase policy. I own three bags by G and the other two are fine. I guess the person who made my strap had a bad day. Hope that eases your concerns!

    Oh and I still have a few more colours I'd like to add to my pandora collection. The mini holds up well, I use it regularly for errands and for the weekend. I opted for goatskin, it's quite durable yet supple. I have posted on the "what's in your Givenchy" a photo of what I fit comfortably in my mini too.
  15. Hi there! I saw your picture of what you could fit in your Pandora and I was absolutely surprised how roomy it was. Thanks to your opinion, I am now a proud owner of a Pandora mini in blue sheepskin! Thank you so much for your help! I really couldn't have gone forward and bought it without your help, so thanks again! :smile: