Durability of Suhali?

  1. Speaking of Suhali, is the leather very fragile? Will it get scratched and dented pretty easily? Also, the hardware, does it scratch or tanrnish soon? If I purchase it, is it one of those bags you can use only occasionally.
  2. the leather isn't fragile. i brushed my L'Epanoui GM against a door once, and it was fine. the hardware needs a little more care, i suppose, but mine hasn't tarnished yet, nor is it scratched. and yes, i only use it occasionally
  3. It's not fragile at all, my mom has the talentueux in white and the bag went through the rain, snow ... I'm not kidding the bag looks like new. The hardware looks fine too.
  4. I don't think it is fragile. I've fondled a few pieces from the store and they all seem durable to me.
  5. When I got my Le Fab they told me as long as I don't get any ink on it, I am safe from pretty much all the other stains, etc. I would be careful with the hardware if you are really anal about keeping it shiny. Although, I do have the same hardware on MC speedy and it's holding up pretty good, considering that MC speedy is my throw around winter bag. Overall, I think if suhali bags weren't holding up really well, LV couldn't get away charging what they do for them.
  6. I can't wait to get my white cles, if it works out for me I may get into more of the accessories......I wish they made just a regular pochette in suhali! I think the bags are BEAUTIFUL, and I LOVE to admire them on other people, but the heavy hardware just isn't me, that's why I haven't gotten any large MC bags either....oh well.......