Durability of Perforated Flap

  1. I just received my black jumbo perforated flap. I hate to admit it but I'm kind of liking it. At first I hated the perfos. But with my wardrobe and lifestyle, the caviar just looks too stiff and formal and not trendy when I tried it. I also love the lightness of it. Here's my question, does anyone know the durability of it. It's lambskin but I was told it is more durable than the regular lambskin. I will be wearing it for an everyday bag and it will not be babied. Anyone have any knowledge of this.
  2. I'm glad to hear you like it!

    My SA at the Chanel boutique and my NM Chanel Specialist SA both swear that teh lambskin has gotten a little more durable over the years, the perforated line felt less delicate to me for some reason.
    I bet w/ some extra care, it would hold up beautifully.
    I don't mean babying it, but being careful not to be too hard on it.
  3. i was wondering this too. i'm hoping to get the same in the white and blue (well, sharing with my mom). congrats! i think the perfo is just beautiful!