Durability of Mono Mini Lin

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  1. This forum makes me want something new everyday!!!Now I want a mono mini lin speedy. I am wondering about the durability of the fabric. Elux says that it is 58% cotton. Wont that rip easily? I mean, a speedy is bought for everyday use. Also what about stains? I do have a gucci fabric messenger and that is really durable. Is mini lin kind of the same thing? If anyone has anything in mono mini lin I would really appreciate their opinion.
  2. Hi Dior....here is what I know about it:
    My SA said it is treated with a Scotchguard type protector to prevent stains...and she even said her manager spilled water on one and it rolled right off.
    In terms of durability....they claim it is as durable as the regular canvas in terms of tears/ripping.
    BUT the only concern I ever had with it is that the material is not smooth like canvas....it has a really subtle texture to it...and over time you could see pulls in the fabric (kind of like a little pull in your pantyhose type thing).

    Hope that helps!

  3. This is the main reason why I changed my mind about the Bucket..it was gorgeous, but those imperfections and the light texture were boring:Push:
  4. I have it and I love it :love: I can notice the little pulls in the fabric. But it's linen so thats what happens. I have noticed that because of the material it kinda pulls near the handles if you have alot of stuff in it. I don't know if it happens with the normal leather bags because I don't have one in the speedy. I noticed it alot in the beginning but it's okay no. I wear it almost everyday! I love love love it though, I completely recommend it, hehehe but I have a biased opinion. :shame:
  5. I think that if I end up getting it, I would use it occassionally. I sooooo want a speedy. But I dont want monogram. I would like the white mc, but I cant afford it. I would kill for a cerises, but I dont want a second hand one. being too fussy is a pain sometimes :confused1: . Does anyone have any recommendations?
  6. Go for damier speedy!
    She's not too expensive, you can wear in the rain, she's durable and stunning!!
  7. Mono Lin is a monogram line so is MC speedy and so is Ceries Speedy! If you dont like the too obvious logo, go for Epi speedy, Nomade and Damier. Personally I love the look of the original monogram.
  8. when i think of the mono mini lin fabric it reminds me of the gucci fabrics because they are both the fabric materials. What are the differences between the two in terms of material content, durability?
  9. from what i've read, the mono mini lin is really delicate. I do have a messenger in the gucci fabric and that baby is really durable.
  10. I have a mono min lin and, while I haven't carried it every day, it appears to be well-constructed and durable. I'm not worried about it at all. Syntagma has had one for a while--maybe she'll post an expert's opinion?
  11. what if you get flour or fine sugar from pastry onto it? can you simply wipe it away or will that settle in the fabric leaving a light stain?
  12. I think that as long as the flour or sugar is more-or-less dry (eg, not covered in alot of shortening), you should be able to wipe it off.
  13. I tried on the mono lin Speedy at the store, and the fabric isn't like Gucci's - it was much softer. I thought the bag looked great, and I liked that the monogram was much more discreet... but I was worried about the wear and tear on the fabric. I know it's sprayed, but it's not "finished" like leather and canvas, you know what I mean? I would't pick it for an every day bag... I went with the Damier instead!