Durability of Mono Canvas Speedy 30

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  1. Hai all.....:smile:

    Just wondering how much weight Mono Canvas Speedy 30 can handle?
    Because i read on another forum that Neverfull can hold until 95 kg weight.....:tup:
    Does Speedy has the same strenght?
  2. Probably yes, if not more! The handles on the Neverfulls are thin, but they can hold that much, then I'm sure that the speedy can! Let's just say that my Mono speedy is the lightest, most carefree, AND durable bag in my collection! It seriously can take a lot of beating.

    What will you be carrying in your speedy that makes you worry?
  3. Well...not that much exactly....:P just regular woman things, wallet, umbrella, agenda, make up bag, perfume, handphone....and those little things like USB & keys...
    I guess I don't have to worry, then....:tup:
  4. I stuffed mine during a trip and it became really heavy to carry but she was totally fine, although I was worried LOL!
  5. mono speedies are super durable! :tup:
  6. Mine weighed about 25 kilos when I used it as carry-on on a flight! And it was fine! Good thing they didnt weigh it! It would've been very expensive!
  7. I've had mine a long time and it holds a lot with no worries
  8. Yup, Mono canvas is very durable and made to last! :tup:
  9. it can hold so much. ive put water bottles and a *thin* sweater in mine and it could still hold alot more
  10. I carry a TON of stuff. I sometimes almost fill it up and I have no problems.
  11. wow......then The Mono Canvas Speedy 30 is really a reliable bag.......:tup:
  12. speedy is very durable, not sure why anyone would need to carry 95kg in ANY handbag.
  13. Speedy is a good choice....go for it!
  14. My speedy 30 is my work horse. I use it for all sorts of things - everyday bag, as well as a carry-all, stuffed to the brim with all sorts of things - from blow dryers to hair straightener or jeans, PJ's, sweaters - you name it. It fits a ton. Very sturdy bag.
  15. How about damier speedy? is it the same?