Durability of Mini Lin in Blowing Snow~


Aug 8, 2006
Orange County
I walked to a doctor's office today in swirling blowing snow with my mini lin bucket. I know people have great concerns with the fabric, so I'd just like to say that although my hair, face, jacket, and boots were wet, the bag had only dampness which dried right away on its own as I kept walking inside the building. It still looks as flawless as it did a month ago, which is surprising because it's my throw-around bag; I don't try to treat it extra carefully because of the fabric. If you own it, you can see that it's not some super delicate thing. Mine still has yet to pill.

I was going to post pictures to show you how it looks after a month of everyday wear, but it looks the same as it did the first day~

Hope that helps! :idea:


have it! keep it!
Sep 21, 2006
Thanks for sharing... Your bucket is on my list and it's good to know it can withstand inclement weather...

Staci B

Let's get fired up
Sep 27, 2006
Oh good. I was so worried seeing as I live in London were it rains everyday.
I can definietely buy the mini lim speedy now :yahoo: :party: