Durability of Medal Leather

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  1. confusion monkey -- you are such a hottie!! I wish that I were nice and tall with long legs like you (I am a shrimp). The MAMM is gorgy, and looks amazing with your shoes!! Niiiiiiice job snagging a MAMM with long unfinished tassels. :tup:
  2. Thanks Loquita! My long legs make me such a clutz, as you can tell I have bruises from bumping into things. :P How are you liking the red berry with the long tassels? I hope you can that zipper fixed or at least find a way to file it down or fill it with something to keep it from scratching you. I love that front pocket for easy access to my lipglosses. :lol:
  3. ^^CM it looks soo great on you! And a perfect match to your shoes! Love it :yes: