Durability of Medal Leather

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  1. Well... I didn't really unwrap her. The tissue paper was a little torn, so that let me see the leather. I want to leave it intact as much as I can to facilitate a return. I took a few pics to show the leather color.


    In sunlight

    The color really is beautiful...
  2. Thanks for the pic.

    I was hoping it would be more silverish.
  3. Me too :s
  4. My bag arrived today!! Here are some pics in case people are still interested...


    As you can tell it is definately more goldy than silvery but I love it! The quality of this bag is far superior compared to my other RMs (this bag was made in China).
  5. Anyone up for some mod pics? My first on TPF!


    I didn't actually wear those shoes today, I just threw them on to see how matchy they are with the medal since I didn't want to take pics barefoot.


    I'm about 5'9" by the way...

  6. Ok one more pic. Here is Medal Mini Mini with my Persimmon MAM:

  7. goes great w/your shoes! i like the medal color! very pretty!
  8. Confusion - Thanks for posting pics!! I ended up ordering it too over the weekend and mine will be here tomorrow!! My first mini mini!!! :yahoo:

    I'm loving the medal color & I like the way the tassels hang in the pics - can't wait now!!
  9. Yours are the best pics of Pale Bronze I've ever seen confusionmonkey!!:nuts::nuts: It looks amazing on you! I especially like the way it looks next to your Persimmon MAM. Would you say the color is accurate in that pic?

  10. Looks great on you CM! Glad you're loving it!
  11. That looks adorable on you! It's so cute and little. :biggrin:
  12. Very cute! The mini mini is bigger than I thought it would be.
  13. Thanks!! :flowers: I would say the colour in the pics are pretty accurate. The persimmon MAM is pretty worn though. The colour is probably less vibrant than when I first got it. The medal leather is pretty much like how it is in the pics and soft and thick and textured in person!
  14. attagirl - it is really bigger! I was easily able to fit my usual stuff except for the agenda and notebook I carry for work, which is fine for most evenings and weekends.

    mages - I hope you like yours as much as I do! I love this style in general, the perfect small bag for me. The metallic isn't too blingy either - at least not for me! :P

  15. Well it really is beautiful! Actually both bags are such pretty colors.:tup: So just to make sure...is the official color name Pale Bronze or Medal like Aster Alice calls it?