Durability of Medal Leather

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  1. I'm a newbie to RM and have been considering a Medal Mini Mini to use as a cross body travel bag. Can anyone tell me about this leather and it's durability? TIA!
  2. I've think I've seen it listed, but don't think anyone's talked about/reviewed it here. Hopefully someone will come out of the woodwork for ya. ;)
  3. I don't even have a clue what medal leather is :s
  4. I think it's probably like the platinum leather (just a guess). The RM metallics are hardier than some other brands, so if you like the medal color, go for it! I have a platinum mam, and it's my fave metallic bag. :smile:
  5. Here is the pic ...in case it helps

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  6. Is that from AsterAlice? I've looked at the complete set of pix on their website, and "medal" looks like "pale bronze" to me. I have a pale bronze MAC and a steel MAC. The color on the steel leather looks less delicate than the pale bronze, but both leathers look fine overall.

    IMO, if the medal MM shows some minor wear after a while, that could increase its appeal. I like how MMs can work either casual or dressy.
  7. Yep....it's from AA. Pale Bronze... interesting.... I ordered it yesterday, so I'll see it IRL soon enough. If it's pale bronze it might be going back because I'm looking for a more true silvertone. The versatility is exactly why I am attracted to it. I was looking for a smallish crossbody for vacation and this can do double duty for going out and night.

    Thanks everyone....I'll post pics when it arrives
  8. If you're looking for true silvertone, I highly recommend the steel RMs which are current to this summer. It is a metallic but more burnished than shiney. I have it in the mini mini and love it! I've also seen it in a MAC and rocker if you are loooking for a small bag.
  9. I've seen pics of the Steel, and it's exactly the color I'm looking for, especially since it has silver hw, which I prefer. I really like it in the MAC, since it's thin, I prefer that style for crossbody. Unfortunately I haven't seen it discounted, and this one for AA was almost 50% off with a code :nuts: so I decided to order and see if I like it.
  10. RM metallics are my favorite vs any other brand. They are thick, and hold up reallyyy well :tup:

    ETA: not to enable or anything but you should check out the steel rocker too ;)
  11. Sillykitty - I ordered the exact same bag! Woohoo bag twins! :ghi5: You'll probably get yours sooner than me if you live in the states, I'd love to see pics when you do get it.
  12. Well my MM arrived yesterday. It is definitely a pale bronze type color, not a silvertone at all. It's a beautiful color, but just doesn't suit my wardrobe!
  13. Any pictures??
  14. Post pics before you send her back (if you do)!!!
  15. ^^^ yes yes yes! :yes: