Durability of Marc Jacobs bags

  1. Hi all

    I'm new to Marc Jacobs bags so please fill me in on the info :smile: I'm so excited to start collecting and I just want to know if MJ bags age well and hold up well in the long run? I have a coworker who says that he's bought several MJ bags for his gf and two of them have had stitching come undone, which resulted in having to return the bags. This worries me a bit...

    Since I'm crazy about my new Stam, I'd like to know how durable it is and if I should be extra careful with it. Do let me know please :smile:
  2. I think that the MJ Collection bags (including your Stam) are of higher quality than the Marc by Marc Jacobs line. Hence the higher prices too. I have many MJ collection bags and have never had any problems with quality.
  3. your co worker may be talking about the Marc by Marc Jacobs. its the sister line. usually cheaper and not as high quality. the stam though, amazing! i have sold many and they never get returned for any durability issues. they have updated and changed it so many times.. this year its perfect. the chain wont tarnish and the stitching does not unravel anywhere.
  4. thanks for the replies, ladies. russo, my coworker mentioned it was indeed a marc jacobs original, not mbmj. he said it was a bag from the patchwork
    line and that the stitching around the handles came undone within a few days for some reason =\

    regardless, i will have faith that my stam will withstand the test of time :smile: i am not sure how to care for it though since it is coated fabric and not leather.
  5. I think you should be fine ichelle. Don't feel like you to be any more careful than you usually are with your bags. I have several MJ bags that are now over a year old and they have held up incredibly well - especially the stitching. And I'm generally hard on my bags. Enjoy your new Stam!
  6. iChelle, I've been carrying MJ bags for a couple of years now and have only had a problem with one MJ bag. It had nothing to do with the stitching at all and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend MJ to anyone! I love all things MJ and I think that they do withstand the test of time. Carry your's in good faith!
  7. I've had several MJ's for a few years. I used them as my work bags - on the subway, threw them on the floor, didn't keep them in a dust bag. They have all held up well! No problems with stitching or hardware.
  8. So far my MJ Elise is holding up well. I've had her for only a few months though.

    Have heard MJ bags are pretty durable though. Not to worry! ;)
  9. I dont have a stam but I have quite a few other Marc Jacobs bags and I am not always gentle with them and they stand up well and have definitely held their own.
  10. I definitely don't baby my MJ bags, and they all look like new. I love your stam, you have gorgeous taste!
  11. I've started collecting MJ bags about three years ago and they wear very well. Granted I do take great care of them and I am not using them all the time, I switch my bags out, but they are great.