Durability of Lizard Bracelet?

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  1. How is the durability of the lizard bracelets? If I get one, am I going to have to be super careful with it?? I have some exotic skin conditioner (bick's), would that help?
  2. I have a lizard CDC cuff. So far, I really only guard against water, although if I splash a little water on it while washing my hands, I just wipe it off quickly. I'm always wary of applying anything to exotics because I have no experience working with exotic leathers.
  3. I also have a lizard CDC, I wear it all the time at like OuijaBoard said try not to get it wet and wipe it off quickly. I have only had mine a year, so I can't say much about the long term. Also I am very accident prone, so I am not careful at all and it seems to do ok with me so far!! I hope this helps!!:flowers:
  4. my inquiring mind had been wanting to know also. thanks for the info!
  5. Like the others, I only have a CDC and I only watch for water stains. Otherwise, I don't pay any particular attention or give particular care to the bracelet. They are tougher than we think they are :biggrin:
  6. that helps! i'll just be careful about getting it wet if I get one.
  7. I know of someone who had red wine splashed on an ombré lizzie CDC and the stain cannot be removed...
  8. I wear my lizard bracelets (KDT and KD) as often as I can.

    The only thing is to avoid water or any liquid to spread on.....just as any other leather ones.
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    I spilled hot coffee on my ombre cdc and quickly went to the ladies room to wipe it off. I wet a paper towel and wiped it off the best I could. It dried perfectly fine. Nothing noticable. I love lizard.
  10. Can someone please PM me if you see any lizard CDC... I am a collector, and only have the ombre with gold and silver... no other lizards...