Durability of Fendi Cloth Bags (Zucca Print)


Feb 8, 2019
Hi everyone. I've fallen madly in love with the Fendi Zucca print and want to get a bag in that print! My understanding is that most Fendi bags with the Zucca print are made of cloth, which makes me concerned about durability.

For those who have owned Fendi cloth bags (particularly in the Zucca print), how are your bags holding up? Are they aging well? Do you have to baby them? Do they cope well in the rain?

I suppose, in general, what are some of the things most people should consider if they want a Fendi cloth bag?
Apr 3, 2011
i have a older zucca baguette bag, maybe like 12-13 years old and it has held up well.. no scuffs, no holes, and most importantly no cloth fluffing/pilling even though i carry it against my clothes, so i think it's pretty durable. it still feels new. i don't worry about it in the rain and i don't baby them but i also don't carelessly throw it on the ground.
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