Durability of Dior Wallets?

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  1. I am looking at a medium Lady Dior patent wallet in black and was hoping someone could tell me how Dior wallets wear with time? I have never owned anything patent or anything Dior so this would be a complete first for me. TIA!
  2. From personal experience with my first Dior wallet, I'm impressed with the quality. I've owned a number of wallets from Miu Miu + Prada and have been fairly disappointed in it from a week onward.

    I think this is the wallet you are referring to? I have no idea what the name of the wallet is.

    From the second picture, you can see that there is slight fraying on the threading of the cannage. But I've had this for three plus years. It just needs a polish on the patent and it'll look brand new.

    Hope this helps :smile:

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  3. Is that a small wallet or full size?
  4. This is the wallet, thanks very much for your post! I must say your wallet still looks beautiful after 3 years. Have you been using it a lot? If so, I can't even tell!
  5. I've been using it every day. It's probably one of my best wallet purchases from Dior.

    Full size.
  6. Let me show you my small one. I like the size because it fits into my small bags. Purchased in September 2015 I use her everyday. It's pretty good but I feel like my hardware has already gone silver ......-_-

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459399701.420508.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459399725.719069.jpg
  7. Well, if you're planning to buy black those things will last you forever while looking new! It's hard to stain black (obviously) and patent leather in general holds up pretty well unless you go at it with something sharp. The best thing about black patent (besides the lack of color transfer) is that you don't have to worry about the quilts being flattened over item with use. Some of my older lamb ones are still to deflate and it does affect the overall look of the item. I have a purple patent voyager wallet since 2008 and it is still looking good! The only wear I see is my finger prints from time to time but those can be easily wiped clean.
  8. I do not have a lady dior wallet, I have a voyageur wallet. I think its quite sturdy. I do not buy wallets often (every couple years) and plan on using it a very long time. I also purchased it in black. Ive been using it everyday since early January.
  9. Thanks everyone! I am going on vacation in a few weeks and will check out the Dior boutique then. I am looking forward to seeing these in person, the patent looks like it holds up very well over time. Thanks for pointing out the hardware katelynmsy, I wonder if something can be done to bring back the gold color or if silver would be the best way to go for longevity.