Durability of Coco Cabas in Vinyl?

  1. hi,

    okay, first i didn't like the coco cabas because i thought it was too big but after seeing it on kate moss and others i think i've changed my mind. anyway, i'm thinking of getting the coco cabas in vinyl and was wondering how the durability is? have you had any issues or other problems? is it a bag which shows signs of wear very soon or is it easy to take care of? thanks very much in advance! :smile:
  2. i want one tooo soooo badly!!

    they come here on the 11th.. but there is a MEGA waiting list
  3. ^ oh i thought they were already out?
  4. Aren't they sold out? :confused1:
  5. i have used mine for about a month. great bag, light and roomy. So easy to clean, just dab it with windex and it is brand new again.
  6. ^ thank you! :smile:
  7. So far mine has held up pretty well. However, I feel like I have to be a little gentle with it.
  8. My mom is SO rough with her bags and the Vinyle Cabas has held up PERFECTLY for her! She doesn't clean it or really do anything special for it...just carries it around...EVERYWHERE! She's had it for over two months now & it still looks brand new! Hope this helps:smile: Kristy
  9. I saw a very stylishly dressed Asian-woman carrying the vinyl cabas today (in Neiman Marcus) - and the bag looked great on her. :smile:
  10. thanks for your comments! :flowers:
  11. does the vinyl easily scratched?
    and is it rigid or more flexible?
  12. Hi:smile:
    The bag is VERY flexible :P and the vinyl seems to hold up REALLY well! I commented on my mom's black vinyl and it still looks brand new! The ONLY problem is that she seems to LOSE things in it!! LOL! It's a great bag:smile: