durability of chanel bags?

  1. hi, i'm a newbie and have "maybe" decided chanel will be my next handbag purchase. but i have read some comments on this forum about problems with the bags...my 18yr old daughter wears little "c" earrings with rhinestones, that we purchased in february, took back into Saks in june as a couple of the stones had fallen out, received them back repaired in august, and today(she's home from college for the weekend) we had to return them a second time to the boutique at Saks as more stones have fallen out. she NEVER wears them in the shower, to sleep, is very careful. we both own chanel sunglasses(mine have rhinestones, hers have pearls) and NO problems there...but now i am wondering if chanel items aren't as durable as say, lv, which mine have lasted forever? thanks for any input. i have fallen for the new chanel bag, that has small rectangle handles and looks sort of like a dr bag and is quilted, almost a distressed leather look(so sorry, i know y'all are well versed in chanel, i am not) but this bag seems like a style i could carry for a long time and not tire of it but don't even want to start planning the purchase if these bags aren't really lifelong investments? ...enough said, thanks!
  2. I too have had to return earrings for the same reason (pearls falling out) Now I am very choosy on what costume jewerly I buy from Chanel . I have noticed on some of my cavier bags that the color kind of changes or fades Especially pink cavier.
  3. caviar fades a lil and softens, because its leather and thats what it does, i tend not to buy costume jewelry from chanel, not my style imo, the bags are very durable, and i have no idea wut bag your talking about lol o wait i think you are talking about the outdoor bowler...
  4. I think the bag you are talking about will be durable. As the ladies have said, leather is different from LV canvas and will wear differently, but still beautifully, IMO.
  5. I think that it's trial and error. As much as any company tries to have 100 percent quality there is going to be a few duds. I have crystal earrings and have never had any issues with them. However I know a girl on the forum that has. As for bags, I have never had an issue with any bag I own. My Chanel flap is still as white as the day I bought it. Sometimes things happen and it may be out of your control. If you have problems with something, they can always either try to fix it or exchange it for a new one or return your money.
  6. Right, you are comparing leather (Chanel) to canvas (Vuitton). They are worlds different.

    I too have the Chanel rhinestone earrings and wear them quite often and have not lost any stones.
  7. Actually, my only bag problem has been with LV, and I was relaly disappointed in their customer service - they still haven't helped me out after I talked to them 3 weeks ago!

    Anyway, I only have one Chanel, but it's been durable - mine flew out of a shopping cart and skidded several feet on a dirty parking lot... amazingly, not a single scratch!

    I agree that overall the LV canvas will "last" much longer since it's not actually leather! But a caviar leather Chanel should be very durable within limits.
  8. comparing apples to apples, Chanel is equally as durable as anything else.
    I can't compare their leather bags to LV's monogram becuase that's not comparing 'apples to apples'. But if I compare Chanel's lambskin to another designer's lambskin, sure it's every bit as durable.
    Chanel has a lot to choose from, if you're looking for durablily, go w/ caviar.
  9. Chanel is timeless for not only its design but because you can wear their handbags for a lifetime. Not all Chanel jewelry are like that, I know some who have their earrings and necklaces and none of their rhinestones have come out except for one who admits that it was her fault because she snagged it on her sweater. There will always be defects, I've known more returns for LV then Chanel, but its two different mediums, so their really not compatible for comparing.
  10. If any Chanel is 'durable' I would say its caviar leather.

    Most other chanels are timeless, classic and also delicate.
    But if I have 3 dogs walking over my bags and they survive I think you should be alright. Just stay away from lambskin !