Durability of chain straps? Thx for indulging me! :)

  1. So, I went into my Chanel boutique today and bought my mother the CC pochette for Mother's Day. But here I find myself trying on several other bags. I'm one of those gals who actually love the shape of the PST/GST models...BUT..my question is. Before I drop yet again a bucketload of $ on another bag, are the chain straps really durable?

    Will they hold up over time with holding the daily "essentials" especially using it every day?

    Do y'all wear your Chanels every day?
  2. I find the chain straps on the GST to be very durable. I don't stuff my bags full and think that makes a difference in the straps holding up over time. The design on the GST with the straps attached to the large rings seems very solid to me.
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