Durability Matte vs Shiny - Clear Up Contradiction

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  1. I've read quite a bit on here about croc and there seems to be some contradiction. Some places have stated matte is more durable and is not affected by moisture (rain) as shiny and in other places I've seen that matte is actually more fragile than shiny. Can you please pipe in and help me clear this up.

  2. Am not sure if one is more durable than the other. After all, they are the same skin. There are just things that affect one more than the other.

    From my experience, the "glaze" on the shiny crocs do rub off after extended use. But no big deal since Hermes can fix this and reglaze the bag. There is no such problem with matte though with matte, the oil from our hands do eventually darken the handles of a matte croc bag. Am not sure if this can be fixed or not. Also, with the matte croc, the bag develops a shininess/patina with age.
  3. I find the matte, which I favor over shiny, is casual but the corners are more prone to wear. The shiny seems to show more flaws, each wearing loses some of the "glow", can reglase when needed as stated previously. I don't group both in the same category. If you want a dressy bag, go for shiny. I never wear any of mine to the supermarket or in bad weather. My daughter-in-law has two shiny crocs in ebene and black, uses them for the opera, going to dinner, or parties. She has 35 cm. Mine are all 30cm.
  4. ^^Me too! I LOVE matte crocs. I have sold ALL my larger shiny croc birkins! I do have shiny ones but they are in smaller pieces like the kelly pochettes or mini kellys. All my croc birkins are matte and in 30cm size. The largest matte croc piece I have is a 32cm kelly. I have a casual lifestyle, so like milliesmom10, I find the matte crocs more practical.
  5. Matte Croc is definitely affected by moisture, and I was told by people at H specifically not to let it get wet as it will bubble (like box). Both shiny and matte croc are polished so they are not impervious to water as the outer layer that rendered the skin "waterproof" is no longer there.

    I have heard different things about the re-polishing of shiny croc. That's interesting that some have noted that it can be "re-glazed." Can anyone verify this? I was always under the impression that the shine was achieved by polish not a glazing process so getting the shine level back to where it was is not possible.

    I have noticed that matte Birkins tend to get more supple with use, but not sure if that's changing since older ones seemed to be lined with toile and the ones from recent years in Chevre which may help with stability.
  6. The matte may BUBBLE? WHAT???? Seriously.

    I want to carry this bag every day. Spending that kind of money on the bag I want to use it and love it.
  7. ^^Yup, a bag was sent to the store with bubbling on it as the woman had unwittingly carried it out in the rain. Not good.
  8. How can you completely avoid that. I've left my house before perfectly sunny and than out of no where, massive rain
  9. I have a vintage glazed bought with water damage on the bottom. Nothing they can do. They touched up the corners (preventative) won't touch the bottom.
  10. In massive rain, even the rainkit won't help so it's always good to fold up a small plastic/trash bag and keep it in your bag--not very elegant, but better than ruining your bag.
  11. True. I remember someone talking on here about putting their evelyn in a walmart plastic bag. It conjured up thoughts of the bag needing therapy but when your talking about ruining a croc bag, keeping a plastic garbage bag inside the purse doesn't sound like a bad idea
  12. I keep plastic bags in all my cars just for that reason. I'd rather look momentarily like a bag lady (HA!) then ruin a good H bag!
  13. ^^ An HERMES bag lady, of course :graucho:
  14. I prefer shiny crocs in general over matte. For matte crocs, I prefer them in brighter colors eg, blue brighton (rather than the dark browns) which gives a lift to the bag (otherwise they tend to a look a little "dull" - no offence to fans of dark matt crocs).

    However, the degree of shine in shiny crocs varies from color to color - I noticed black poro looks very shiny (almost glistening), likewise for Braise. My violet poro, although shiny, actually looks semi-matte compared to say a black shiny poro. I was told this was due to the effect of the various dyes on the leather etc (eg, violet and blue brighton looks muted in crocs).

    I actually prefer this 'semi-shine' look - so there is no sharp decline in the sheen of the bag from usage. Also, the bag can look more "casual" but still have the sheen which I like. Another thing I like about shiny croc is that it is stiffer than matt croc and holds the shape better.

    On advice of various shiny croc bag owners, it is true that wiping a bag with a soft cloth does seem to restore the sheen. Of coz regular spas at Hermes would also maintain the sheen i suppose, but my bag is so new it wouldnt need to go to spa for at least 1 year?
  15. Sorry, you asked about how the shiny/matt croc bags would hold up. I saw shiny rouge h croc birkin where you could see water stains on the leather. It was being sent in for treatment. I was told by my SA that matt croc would show water marks as well.