Durability: How do bbags wear/last/age, do they scuff/scratch/spot easily?

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  1. hello all! i just got a new emarald green hobo balenciaga and i was wondering on how durable the leather is ? do they scratch alot? majority of my bags are chloe, and im just so use to thick heavy leather. but i love the balenciaga, it's light and classic. i'm just scared of damage that's all. :blink:
  2. I used my black balenciaga city all year for school. I stuffed it with papers, pens, pencils, notebooks - all sorts of crap. I'd just drop it on the floor in my classrooms - I'm not careful with it at all. It has no rips, tears, or scuffs even. The bag still looks brand new, and it's super duper soft. One thing I do do every so often is condition it with apple leather care lotion, so this may help protect the leather.

  3. hello Yaa, :smile:

    I too have a couple of chloes and was used to the thick pebbly style leather which rarely seems to look knocked about.

    I was lucky enough to get a balenciaga two weeks ago and was amazed at how light they are, however, I do tend to baby it more than the paddy.

    I always put it away in its dust cover when I am not using it, and I never leave it in the reach of my kids. I make sure it doesnt get left on the floor at restaurants and shops and I try to always hang it on a hook near the front door on my way into the house.

    I think they are pretty durable, but it doesnt hurt to look after them. It means your bag will look mint for a lot longer. :biggrin:

  4. i use b-bags everyday!!! i find the more i use my b-bags the leather gets really soft!!! i throw my b-bags around etc... i just use them and have fun with them... i'm not a careless owner i'm just not too afraid to use and abuse them!
  5. Hi yaa-yo!
    I don't know if you got a chance to read the other member's threads about massaging/treating their Bbags, but I think that if the bags can withstand all the pulling, twisting, and so on, they must be pretty durable. :yes:
    I usually use mine everyday, and though I'm pretty careful with it, I think it is pretty strong as I tend to fill it up. The leather hasn't scratched (knock on wood), but if it ever does, I plan on conditioning it and hope for the best.
  6. its strong... dont worry too much about the leather. It looks better IMO all beat up-like! Just keep exacto knives away from it and you should be OK!
  7. Oddly, with the exception of the metallic, I find the B-bags take their abuse a lot better than the Chloe bags. It doesn't scratch nearly as well as Chloe bags do. The new leather B-bags do seem thin, but with wear, they seem to plump and get smooshier and lovelier. I have an emerald twiggy and with usage, she's getting more and more gorgeous! Enjoy your bag! It's lovely now, and will get even more lovely with use! The emerald is a fantastic color!
  8. your so rite, i always worry about scratching my chloes. but with the b-bag i wouldnt have to think about it so much.:yes: yah i really love the emerald green. b-bag colors make a statement:P
  9. thanks everyone! i feel so much better. when i get a chance ill try to post pics. 8)
  10. Sorry to hijack this thread, but does anyone else feels that the leather of b-bag on the base part feels a bit like cardboard?? Not smooshy like other parts at all!!! :hrmm:
  11. Yep, I've noticed that on my Ink City :huh:
  12. balenciaga leather is pretty durable unless you get a metallic b-bag. those tend to be softer and the metallic color is rubbed/scratched off rather easily in my experience.
  13. well.. from what i've seen.. balenciaga leather is not durable enough to survive poodle attacks.
  14. my hobo bottom is a bit thicker as well- they probably choose a thicker piece of leather so that it is more supportive of heavier weights of things you might carry! if its like cardboard maybe you should massage it a bit! ;)
  15. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
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