Duplicates in your collection?

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  1. I was just wondering how many of you have duplicate bags and colors in your collection and what they are. I know there are a lot of multiple Boogie owners and TK has a rainbow of Minilisas.

    I think I'm going to end up having 3 blueberry bags when everything finally gets here - Boogie, Minilisa, GW. And I have a grape Boogie on the way.
  2. I don't own any multiple Tano's right now and try not to repeat colors.
    I can easily see loving a style and having it in different colors.
    I do love the Boogie, French Nanny and Women Unite enough to repeat the bag in another color. I do own four Coach Bleeker Duffles (canary, magenta, bottle green and rust). I also own five Coach Ali bags (brown, whiskey, black, white and rose). If I like something enough I will by it
    in multiple colors. If you find a style that works for you and you would like
    it in multiple colors you should go for it.
  3. I agree Liz-it takes me SO long to find a bag that is perfect, when i do, i usually buy it in more than one color. I have several Boogies, several X-Roads, and plan to get more Biker Babes to add to my caramel. Once I find something that works, I stick with it!
  4. The Boogie Bucket keeps me pretty mesmerized! I'd buy another WU .....wish it was coming out in teal next season!:drool:
  5. OMG! I love my berry blue WU. To have it in TEAL would be AWESOME!!! I wish Tano would do this bag for Fall in more colors. I get so many compliments! Hmm... my pink lemonade biker babe needs a friend. She needs a pink lemonade WU!!!:yes:
  6. Well, I have to admit I can be a big duplicator (with everything in life) and in Tano I have 2 Boogies, 2 French Nannys, 2 Petit Larcenys, 2 Shoppers (although one is smaller) and 2 Postage Tramps. I have 2 raspberry bags and 2 grape bags. I would buy many Ready Steadys if they kept making them I think.
  7. The only repeats I have are 2 sexbombs: 1 dandelion and 1 pomegranate. Eventually I will have 2 boogie buckets as well.
  8. I have two bags in pool -- a Boogie Bucket and Cooped Up. Although, I generally try to avoid duplicating colors, I am okay with duplicating styles.
    Like the other ladies, I adore the Boogie and would think about getting another one in a different color.
  9. Yes!! I have duplicate styles and colors, but I can't think of what all I have right now though LOL.
  10. I have two Boogies (Apricot and Grape) and a Raspberry Sex Bomb and Sable Little Red Chavette (basically the same I think!) My next Tano will likely be a Black Licorice Sex Bomb too. Once I know what I like, I want a rainbow of it!:P
  11. I have bag repeats and color repeats......

    four minilisas! :nuts: lol (raspberry, grape, truffle, pineapple) and I have two 'up close and personal' bags (grape and black), I have three 'in the pink' wristlet/clutches (black, raspberry, grape)! Two alpine bags (perhaps different names because they are different leathers; same style though - white/silver and copper/bronze), two sexbombs (tango red and black)

    three grape bags
    three raspberry bags
    three or four black crunch items

    I think that's it!
  12. Ok, I feel better now, lol! I think once everything gets here I'll have 3 blueberry, 3 grape, 2 raspberry... 2 Boogies, 2 French Nannys, 2 Sexbombs...
  13. I don't tend to duplicate colors, but I do duplicate bag styles. My current Tano collection is 2 Boogies in pool and grape and a Postage Tramp in raspberry. And I'm planning on getting 2 Spring Boogies to add to my collection -- pink lemonade and green apple. So, then I'll have 4 Boogies -- but I'm pretty much in Boogie love!
  14. Yeah.....me too! They are darn near perfect!
  15. im seriously considering a second GW. Its just the perfect bag for me. I love the two straps and the pockets and the size.