Duped on Ebay

  1. OKay, my fairy purse mother (a fellow TPF'r who has encouraged this post) suggested that I should report my plight in the eBay forum. I hope you can help! Approximately 5 days before Christmas we purchased an "authentic Marc Jacobs Stam bag" from a seller on eBay. The seller even shipped the bag overnight. I used eBay when it first started an even have sold a few things myself on there but honestly haven't used it for maybe the past year or two (at least to buy something). I was under the impression that when a buyer stated "authentic" the product HAD to be authentic. We received the bag the very next day and so I decided to post on the purse blog (just to confirm my purchase and make me feel better). After numerous replies, it was confirmed that the bag was actually a fake. The MJ tag is incorrect as well as the security tag (different sizes) and the lining. The lining is a red suede. I was so upset about this because this was supposed to be a birthday/Christmas gift for my sister. We had the bag and couldn't even give it to her on Christmas!

    So I wrote the buyer the following:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]I am very upset. The bag is a fake :sad: I have contacted numerous people to check this bags authenticity. I need a response in 24 hours or I will be contacting ebay and others. It's 2 days before Christmas and this was a Christmas gift for my sister. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt. In your ad you claimed that the bag was authentic. Do not take advantage of me before Christmas. I take these matters to heart. I want an apology and I want an explanation along with money back.

    haha obviously i was on my Chrismas kick! I just can't imagine someone doing that! Was she the grinch?! Here is what she/he wrote back:

    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]I am very upset as i know this is authentic marc jacobs bag. Now this can be handled 2 ways, you can return my authentic bag back to me within 24 hours and you will be refunded within 10 days or you can file your dispute and let paypal ask you to prove in writing from an authorized marc jacobs retail store manager that it isn't. It is your choice, also as a reminder feedback left after this matter has been concluded will be mirrored. The return address is as follows:

    OTC Returns blah blah

    So I asked the ladies in the [/FONT]
    [FONT=arial,sans-serif]MJ purse forum and they said that I should file a disupte immediately. We returned the bag within 24 hours. She has not responded to me or paypal yet and we filed the dispute 12/27. I explained the situation to paypal but did not include e-mails because I did not see a place to put them. Also, as an additional note, the seller CANCELED her ebay account! Can I update my dispute to explain this? Another note: we paid with a debit card so it was automatically drawn from the account. Please help! :sad:
  2. wow, that sucks. Definitely continue to work with paypal. Something though is very shady if the seller has cancelled her ebay account.
  3. From what I've read, if you file a dispute Paypal tells you when (or if) to send the bag back to the seller. It sounds like you already sent the bag back. Hopefully once the seller gets her bag back she will give you a prompt refund.
  4. Gosh....is this suppose to be some kind of threat??????

    I'm so sorry this happened to you. Closing the account does seem very shady so I hope that Paypal will be able to retrieve the money for you. If this seller doesn't have any money in their paypal account then I believe PP will freeze their account until they pay you back. Best of luck to you.
  5. I thought claims could still proceed if the eBayer is NARUd? Doesn't this work in your favour?
  6. I think the claim still goes through, but if she withdrew any money she had on the account, there will be nothing for Ebay to take from her.
    They will hit her account with the amount and will go after her for it, but I don't believe you will get your money back until she pays it back to them...

    I am so sorry to hear of this mess. I hope she sends you your money back!!!
    How was her feedback? Did she has much?
  7. Thanks for the responses! Is there a way that I can update the dispute so that I can alert paypal that she is not a registered member any longer or will they already know? She did have 5 positive feedbacks left. None of them for bags but I thought "well maybe he/she works someplace where she got this as a discount or she got it as a gift and hated it".
    Is it possible for members to have more than one paypal account? I highly doubt I am the only person he/she set out to scam. I find it odd that when I returned the bag the seller asked that it be sent to "OTC returns" there was even a note in the box when we received it stating such. I've sold things on ebay but I can tell you that if I had only sold 5 things ever I would not have my own returns department!
  8. So sorry to hear about this story. I hope you get your money back.

    Also in the future, NEVER pay with a debit card. It doesn't protect you like a credit card.
  9. you can look under contact us in paypal and you will find a phone number
  10. This is terrible, I'm sorry this happened.

    Are you sure this seller canceled her account? Perhaps she was suspended?

    Did you get contact information through ebay?

    If so, remind this person that it is ILLEGAL to sell counterfeits and you could get her local police involved.
  11. have you escalated your dispute to a claim? if not please do it immediately - if it is a dispute, paypal is not involved at all they just serve as a platform of communication between you and the other party. It has to be escalated to get them involved.
  12. Yes, this was escalated to a claim on the 27th of December. Sorry for the error! She deleted her ebay account but I have no idea about paypal or what funds she has in there.
  13. how much buyer protection did this auction offer? $200? or $2000? That would be the max you can get back if they have $0 on their paypal account. The person probably did not cancel her paypal account (only her ebay account) so you can still get more money from her if she has money in the account.
  14. It's very very important that you call PayPal ASAP and give them the delivery confirmation (or tracking) number of the return shipment. Call their 800 number and ask for the claims department - once you give them the delivery/tracking number, they'll record it on the claim and it will REALLY expedite processing. If you've already returned the item, proof of (non)authenticity is a not an issue, especially if you have documentation showing that the seller instructed you to return the item.

    Whatever you do, DO NOT rely on email for communication with them. Contacting them directly by phone is the only reliable way.

    You might have to be a little patient...tons of claims are filed this time of year, so it might take them a little longer to get to yours. However, all claims are supposed to be resolved within 30 days of filing, so if you haven't heard back from PayPal by then give them another call.

    Good luck!
  15. Also - funds for the transaction are put on hold on the seller's end the moment you file a claim (if available), so don't stress the time it takes PayPal to review the claim...if the funds were in the seller's account when you filed the claim, then they'll be on hold until it is resolved, and the seller cannot access them. :smile: