Duped and Didn't know

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  1. :confused1: I won an auction for a Beautiful Hermes Chocolate brown matte Croc and had it for 2 years and NEVER knew it was a FAKE!:sad:
    I have 2 Birkins, 1 Kelly and 1 Noir Crocodile Niloticus and have had them for 6 years.
    It looked EXACTLY like my Noir Croc and I couldn't even tell. I took my Noir Croc in to have serviced and decided to take my Chocolate just for the heck of it and now I find out that it wasn't a real Hermes:sad:
    I don't know how they made it so well it fooled even me. I will only buy from the Boutiques now. That was the first and LAST time for me:push:
    So ladies beware!
  2. wow! more details with pics! bummer!!!
  3. Shocking, so sorry to hear!
  4. Thats awful - sorry to hear this happened :sad:
  5. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So sorry this happened to you :hugs:
  7. sorry to hear that :sad:
    what gave it away?? like, did they point out what the differences were when you took it to get serviced? maybe this way we can all avoid getting scammed. a big hug
  8. :throwup: pics please. sorry this happened to you.
  9. That's my worst nightmare. So sorry it happened to you.
  10. OUCH!!! That REALLY sucks:cursing: I would be livid!!!

    Who did you get it from? It would be good to know so we can avoid bidding on their auctions. I wonder if there's any way to file a fraud claim against the seller.
  11. That is horrible! I am so sorry!!!
  12. I could never tell by looking at it....It's was absolutely Gorgeous!! I've carried it at least a dozen times. I took it to have a spa treatment 3 months ago and got a call from the Manager. I will definately post the pics.
  13. Princess Birkin ~ I Am So Sorry :heart:
  14. It must really have been a great fake! Sad for you, I really am.
  15. Wow a nightmare come true! So sorry to hear, please post pics so we can all learn from this.
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