Dupe for NARS Chinatown

Jan 10, 2011
Hi there!

Can some nail polish experts please help me out here? I am in love with the oxblood color from NARS Chinatown. You can see the color here: http://joannagoddard.blogspot.com.es

Unfortunately, NARS is not available here. We do have OPI and Essie; what do you think is a close dupe. I own Rouge Noir too but I suspect it would be way much darker than Chinatown...Help! 😜


Girly Gear Head
Dec 10, 2010
Could you possibly order the NARS polish off eBay? There are a few of that color on there right now. I did a little searching, and some people say that Chanel Rouge Noir is actually quite similar.

Check out this swatch wheel from Cute and Mundane; maybe it'll help you out: http://www.cuteandmundane.com/2012/12/my-nars-red-nail-polish-collection.html


It seems like the closest ones are Revlon Vixen, China Glaze Prey Tell, and Sephora by OPI Rock His World.
Jan 10, 2011
Thank you! I read earlier that Chinatown is a pain to apply, that's why I thought I am better off finding a dupe;)..I had a look at the swatches of cute and mundane, seems that Rouge Noir will solve all my problems!! ��


Mar 25, 2011
Thanks ladies! I have Chanel rouge noir on and it has satisfied my urge for the oxblood color...for now!!
I'm glad that you satisfied your oxblood urge with Rouge Noir. I'm not trying to be a bad influence but I also saw that post on Cup of Joe too and went out and bought Chinatown almost immediately. No regrets - the first coat is streaky (I think because it is a jelly) but I didn't have any problems after that. It is a true brown based oxblood red and I love it!