Duomo vs Trevi PM

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  1. after drooling over the pics in the trevi clubhouse i think i want to sell my duomo to fund a trevi pm. ive had it for a few yrs now but it no longer seems to be able to fit all the stuff i carry around. once i put all my daily items in i normally have to take things out just to get to the things in the bottom.

    does anyone out there own both? how does the space in a duomo compare to that of a trevi pm?
  2. I have both. I must admit that since I bought it in April last year, I use my Trevi more than my Doumo bc I find it more casual yet chic and practical as handheld or shoulder whenever I want. And mores fits into it. My Doumo I use when I´m going out at night.

    If you need more room for your daily needs, I say getting a Trevi is the way to go :tup: It´s perfect for everyday use.
  3. At first I searched the comments and infos about Trivi PM & Duomo a lot to compared both. And I also read a lot in TPF. Finally I decided for Trevi. Sincethen she still makes me happy so much. CHIC ! :tender::tender:
  4. theres something about the Duomo that i just love..so i would have to chose it over the trevi
  5. I don't own a Duomo but my friend has one, and I find Duomo can fit much more than Trevi. Between the look of these two, however, TREVI ALL THE WAY !!! Hope that helps... :smile:
  6. time for something new...go for the trevi...
  7. I have had both but ended up selling the Trevi. I liked the classic look of the duomo better.
  8. I haven't seen the Duomo IRL, so I can't help with space, however if you feel it's time for a change the Trevi Pm is gorgeous!
  9. thanks so much for the info, its exactly what i was looking for! you are really pushing me towards the trevi. i rarely use my duomo now & when i do its just so packed.
  10. I prefer the Trevi out of the two.
  11. wow, really? was it just the look that you preferred or was it anything else?

    im a lil worried that the weight of the trevi might be too much compared to the duomo
  12. it is! ive had the duomo for about 4 yrs & i dont think its the bag for me anymore...
  13. Go for the Trevi!
  14. Trevi hands down!

  15. I agree!