duomo, trevi, or speedy owners..opinions needed!

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  1. hi everyone,
    i'm new to this area of the forum (usually i'm in the balenciaga subforum) and was wondering if duomo owners could post pics ?

    i'm on the hunt for a bag for my mom as a mothers day gift:love: ( and yes i know i have a month but i like to start early ). I've been thinking about either a trevi, duomo, or a damier speedy...i'd love opinions!

    thank you!:flowers:
  2. I dont have Duomo, but I do have Damier Speedy and Trevi. I highly recommended Trevi as it can be used as hand held or shoulder. Very cute bag too!
  3. does anyone have a picture of the Duomo?
  4. Trevi! I have both the damier speedy 30 and trevi pm and love them both but the trevi just has a little something extra! Handheld or shoulder, gorgeous, timeless style.
  5. which one is the most easiest to get in and out of ?
    which one can carry the most things without coming off as too heavy ?

    & yes, pics would be amazing! i've looked around in the clubhouse and couldn't find any duomo's?!
  6. eLux has a Damier Duomo at the moment so you could look there.
  7. I like Trevi the best for a mother - it's stylish and chic and can be worn on the shoulder.
  8. i like the trevi!! speedies are real nice but too typical!
  9. Another vote for the Trevi.. I love mine! So classy and chic. I have the PM and it is plenty big unless your Mom carries a ton of stuff.. then maybe the GM would be better for her.

    You are one sweet daughter!!!
  10. I go for the trevi. Much prettier, much classier, and more versatile.
  11. trevi too.
  12. I would vote for the Trevi, I love mine so much! :heart:
  13. I vote for either the Duomo or the Speedy 30. I have the Trevi PM and the opening is a little too tight and hard to get in and out of. Unless you want to get her the GM.
  14. I have the Trevi PM and while it is a beautiful bag, the opening is not as wide as the Speedy 30. I think the Duomo has a wider opening, though.
  15. thank you guys! i think i'll save up abit more and take the plunge to get her a damier speedy 30! it seems like the most convenient, fashionable, age appropiate, and big enough for her needs! thanks for all the wonderful advice/help! i love this forum...:love:

    oh & i've forgot to ask for those of you who carry around a heavy speedy 30....how heavy would you say it could get on any particular day? I'm just alittle worried about the weight..since the speedy doesn't have a shoulder strap? :sad: i would hate to give my mom a carpal tunnel..:sad:((