Duomo owners please weigh in...

  1. ...do you carry your bag with the clochette attached or not?

    Thanks :flowers:
  2. I have always carried mine with the clochette attached. I like how it looks. Kinda like a built-in separate accessory!
  3. I don't...
  4. Thanks texas and luv!
  5. I always wear it with the clouchette. It is one of my favorite things about Duomo, you never have to worry about losing the keys!
  6. I keep the clouchette on my Duomo, but I did take it off last week when I attached my Jack and Lucie. The clouchette is back on and can be seen in the photo of my LV collection that I hope to post soon.
  7. With clochette
  8. Actually i just took it off to look and it does not look bad that way either. :yes:

    My first MC speedy I never once used the clochette. When i first bought the bag (before the purse forum) i didnt even know what it was. I kept it in the plastic ziplock bag for years. LOL
  9. I leave the clouchette attached all the time. It's stamped in gold with my initials so I like it.:p
  10. i don't own this bag, but the ones i've seen ALWAYS have the clochette attached. I love the look :smile:
  11. I also leave mine on since I like how it looks.
  12. Gold sounds pretty. i've never seen it this way...
  13. My duomo is equipped with the clouchette. To me, it looks way better and cuter, adds a little something extra to the bag. But if or without the clouchette, the bag is stunning on its own.