duomo or ribera?


duomo or ribera MM??

  1. duomo

  2. ribera mm

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  1. ok, so i want to get my first damier piece, and my husband has been hinting that i just have to pick something (maybe i'll have a pretty brown box waiting under the tree??)! :happydance: what do you guys think? i'm lovin the shape of the duomo and the ribera mm, and i just can't decide! :shrugs:please help me pick! and does anyone know, is the duomo really heavy? i have a MJ venetia, and chloe paddington, and both are so heavy to carry around...would love to see pics if anyone has any:biggrin: TIA!
  2. i have the Duomo and it's my favorite Damier bag; so elegant and classy
  3. Duomo for me as well!
  4. Duomo
  5. Duomo!
  6. another duomo vote :smile:. for ribera i prefer the mini
  7. Love them both, but I prefer the ribera. Such a gorgeous shape!:heart:
  8. Duomo, hands down!
  9. Ribera...I just don't understand the appeal of the Duomo, but it seems like I'm the only one, lol....
  10. Duomo for sure...
  11. Duomo is also my favorite in the damier line. It has more detail than the Ribera... I love mine....
  12. Duomo
  13. Duomo
  14. Another vote for the Duomo...looks like the Duomo is a bit in the lead..lol
  15. duomo.