Duomo or Berkeley?? Advice anyone??

  1. So, I bought a damier duomo and thought it would absolutely be my final purchase for a long time ;)...well then, reading different postings and threads, I realized that I really like the look of the damier berkeley!!! Are they too similar? I haven't seen the berkeley in real life yet, but it looks close to the duomo...am I wrong? I have about 22 days left to return/exchange my duomo (gotta love elux)...any advice out there? I want this bag for everyday use (if that helps). Thanks!!! :flowers:
  2. I'd go with the berkeley as you can also wear it on the shoulders and love the nameplate on the front. If I am not mistaken it also has pockets on the sides?
  3. I'd go for the Berkeley since it's a new style with that impressive inventeur plate on the front. It also has lots more room from the looks of it.
  4. I haven't seen the Berkeley IRL but my gf has the Duomo and it's absolutely beautiful. It just has simple elegance and class.
  5. berkeley!!!
  6. I'd definitely get the BERKELEY.

    Its a newer style and the gold plate on the front is stunning.
  7. Berkeley - I got mine today and love it! It is about the same size as the speedy 30. I looked at the Duomo while I was there but liked the look of the Berkeley much more. The Berkeley is a bit larger than the Duomo and not as stiff. Makes a great everyday bag!
  8. i prefer Duomo looks more classic :smile:.
  9. The Duomo is only returnable if it has not been carried. If you have carried it even once, it is yours.

    From their site:

    60 Day Guarantee

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we are happy to accept your unused merchandise in its original condition within 60 days for a refund.
  10. I may be in the minority but I love (and own) the Duomo. However if you are not feeling the Duomo, go for the Berkeley:tup:. The Duomo will be around for a while, but I am completely biased since the Duomo is my favorite LV bag:heart:.
  11. I would go with the Berkeley. It has more room and is cuter.
  12. I love both! Normally I would tell anyone to get the Duomo, but I'm going to switch it up and advise you to get the Berkeley in Damier. I love this bag!
  13. Go with the one you feel your heart tugging for.....
  14. They are both very classy bags...

    The duomo has understated elegance.

    The berkeley looks very neat and pretty, esp with the metal plate in front.

    Personally I will go with the berkeley as it is a newer design, and also because it seems set for classic icon status amongst the damier bags. :heart:

    I am aiming for a trevi pm first, but if not a berkeley. :p
  15. I prefer Classic - love the Duomo!