Duomo Looove...a dilemma

  1. OK, Iluvbags has just kicked my Duomo obsession into overdrive...I know this is a very first-world problem, but I also know y'all will understand:

    In June I got my first LV while I was on a visit to England, the trip where my sweetie proposed to me. While in London, I went to the LV shop and got the Damier Speedy. I carried it for a couple of weeks and then put it away for fall, because the dark brown will be so perfect then.

    In the meantime, I've gotten a Cerises Speedy (put away for my sweetie to give me at Xmas), and a BH to carry for everyday, now.

    Now, I'm pining for the Duomo, and I'd love to have it for fall, but I can't justify getting something so similar to the Damier Speedy, especially when it's twice the price.

    If I could sell the Speedy and get close to what I paid for it, I might be able to consider the Duomo - in effect, it would cut the price almost in half. However, that Speedy was my first, and because I got it in London, it's kinda special to me.

    Should I get over the sentimental value, sell the Speedy, and get the beautiful Duomo? There are probably more trips to London in my future (fiance is British), and more trips to LV there. How likely is it that I could get $500+ for the Speedy? It's immaculate, but it's also readily available brand new.

    Or should I hang onto the Speedy and wait...and wait...and wait... until I can get the Duomo too? If I had both, would I actually use both, or would I use the Cerises when I wanted a Speedy, and the Duomo when I wanted Damier?

    Oh, such an important decision! :upsidedown:
  2. Have you used the speedy? How long ago did you buy it? If it's less than 30 days and the bag is new you can still exchange it for another bag.:idea:
  3. Is it a Cerises or damier speedy you're thinking of selling ?
    If you're going to sell the damier speedy sure replace with the Duomo i'm sure you'll get close to retail for it.
    choices so hard to make :biggrin:
  4. I bought the Speedy June 2, so there's no way I can return it. :crybaby:It's too bad, because that be a good solution...
  5. It's the Damier I'm thinking of selling. Maybe I should try selling it and if I can't get close to retail, that would answer my question...
  6. LOL.

    Sorry that I'm the cause of this dilemma. :supacool: :graucho:

    I personally think the Duomo and the Speedy are too close. But that's only my opinion. And my opinion has been kown to change on a daily basis thanks to this forum. :lol: :P

    Blackbutterfly owns the speedy and the duomo and loves them both so I guess it just depends on you.

    If you are a fan of the speedy then I say keep it and get the duomo down the road. Its a part of the regular line and is not going anywhere. You have plenty of time. ;)
  7. I agree with iluvbags. The Duomo is more mature than the Speedy, so you could probably get it later down the track.

    Keep the Speedy - you bought it on a trip where your honey proposed to you. And if that's not enough, there's waiting lists all around the world for it :smile:
  8. If you don't want two similar bags, get the one you like better. It sounds almost like you like the Doumo more. Sell the Speedy and get a Doumo.
  9. ^^ This is only if you don't see yourself having both. If you do, keep the Speedy and wait later on to get the Doumo.
  10. i think u should keep the speedy because a- its adorable- and b it hold sentimental value...well in a indirect way hehe

    u can always buy the duomo
  11. I like the Speedy better than the Duomo - and my jewelry and bags I have bought on trips always bring back good memories. I think you might be sorry if you sold it.
  12. You could atleast try returning it for store credit, you never know :biggrin:
  13. No problem...it would have happened sooner or later!

    That's what I'm thinking too. I think I would have no question about trading the Speedy, except for the sentimental value. But you're right, there's no rush on the Duomo, it will be around for a while. No rush, that is, except for my own perverse desire for instant gratification!
  14. If I wasn't literally 4,217 miles away from the store where I got it, I might consider it. I can't imagine the local shop would go for it.
  15. I was able to return a bag that I bought at the Paris store to an LV Boutique near me. They were very sweet about it.