Duomo in Azure line?

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  1. Looking at the recent post of the Duomo vs Alma, I was curious if any of you know if they will make the Duomo in the new Azure line? I just think that would be a stunning combination. (Fingers crossed!!) :love:
  2. I hope so! It would be such a gorgeous bag!:girlsigh:
  3. That would be nice.
  4. sweeeet
  5. I think it would be gorgeous.
  6. how i know, no. but who knows maybe in the future lv will make also the duomo in azur :yahoo:
    here is a list what will be made in azur
  7. Yeah, for now, only the basics will be made...but since this will become a part of the permanent line, I'm sure they'll make other models in the future :yes:
  8. There's an error in the pricing!
    It says the Speedy 25 is $670 CDN and the Speedy 30 is $645 but it's the other way around! lol.
  9. yummy....