Duomo crossbodybag

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  1. Does someone own this bag? In the area, where I live, I see a lot of LV, but this bag never.
    I saw only one youtubevideo. Perhaps it depends on the area, perhaps this bag is not a success.
  2. I have the Duomo cross body bag and I love it. It's big enough to hold a lot, yet still stays close to the body. I also find the strap to be very comfortable. I agree that I don't think this is a very popular bag. Might have something to do with the price. I've been buying bags that I want to keep for a long time lately, so felt the function was worth the price to me.
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  3. Can you fit an iPad in this?
  4. Easily, and a lot more
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  5. I love the Duomo crossbody, I want this bag , I hope it's still available in late summer. Does any one know the drop length for crossbody? I hope it's at least 22 inches.
  6. I have this bag an lovveeeee it! It can seriously fit so much. I also think it's weird that they seem to be nowhere - very few videos and reviews.
  7. I live in Los Angeles and it doesn't seem to be popular here either.