Duomo Back on Eluxury

  1. [​IMG]
  2. Yayyyy... love that bag.
  3. Such a pretty bag!
  4. Thats my bag! One of my favorites..although I dont use it as much as I should!!! It just sits patiently in my bag closet..waiting for me....

  5. Ugh, I love this bag so much!!!!:love:
  6. so pretty!! definately on my want list too.
  7. out of stock! which one of you ladies bought it?
  8. I highly recommend that bag. I have it and love it! It is what started me loving the Damier canvas line. Very chic looking and the detailing is so nice.
  9. Yeah , me too, I never really like the damier, until I saw that one. Its BBBBBBeautiful!!
  10. I agree! Never was a fan of damier, but this is pretty nice!
  11. Hi Fayden,
    yes I was the lady who bought the last one!
    I just got a damier alma and really do not like the short handles-not comfortable like my speedy. The duomo looks fab-the handles seem to look like they'll be like the speedy's. The alma was actually smaller than i expected. I'm hoping this duomo will work- it may take the place of my damier speedy longing!
  12. I love the hanging luggage tags! Can you buy a tag like that at the store and attach it? I just think that tag looks so cute with these types of hand-held bags!!
  13. The duomo is my favorite damier handheld bag!
  14. I'm pretty sure that's a yes, plus you can get the luggage tags heatstamped as well !