Duomo, anyone?

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  1. I THINK I love this bag! I have been stalking it for months but really haven't seen too many reviews on it. It's out of stock a lot on the website so I'm a bit curious. What do you ladies think? Any modelling pics??:ty:
  2. It's elegant looking but I think I prefer the Rivington cuz of the longer straps.
  3. Yip, this is a great bag! As long as the style (handheld with structure) suits your lifestyle, definately go for it. I love the shape, it's so classic and chic. I didn't buy it but have the Ribera which is a very similar version (although now discontinued). I hope you can get your Duomo!
  4. Would you compare the size to a speedy 30?:thinking:
  5. I love the Duomo. It probably appears a little larger than the Speedy 30 because it has more structure.
  6. I think it's cute. You should definitely get it when it becomes available. It seems like a great alternative to the Speedy.
  7. I love my Duomo! I've had the Speedy 25 and the 30 and I'd say that the Duomo falls right in between the two as far as capacity. I adore Speedies, but the Duomo has a little extra something due to the extra little details.

    I think I saw one pop up over at Fashionphile recently but don't know if it's still there. :smile:
  8. My friend has it and its gorgeous!! This was her first LV .
  9. i think it is gorgeous! LOVE IT!
  10. I love it -- I've been debating between this and the large Pont-Neuf.
  11. The Duomo is a great bag. It was the first Damier piece I ever owned many years ago. I sold it but I don't remember exactly why. Probably just to buy something else

    The only one negative that I remember about it was that the opening was not wide and my hands used to get scratched on the zippers when reaching in and out of the bag. No huge big deal but just wanted to let ya know
  12. i LVoed this bag when i first got it. i originally bought it because i abhorred the speedy sag & wanted a structured bag. but then it just got too small. i after having it about 4 yrs it was still in excellent shape so i sold it. replaced it with a trevi pm that i love, though its not that much bigger lol
  13. It's an older style, so that could be why you don't see as many posts/threads on it. I love the shape though - it's like a more sophisticated speedy !
  14. A friend of mine owns this bag and I really loved it even during the time when I wasn't really into LV. I find it pricey though considering it looks very close to the speedy which you could get at a fraction of the price. Add a little more and you can get a Trevi already which to me is much more versatile than the Duomo because of its shoudler strap.