Dunno if this belongs here, but...

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  1. I was shopping @ macy's with my mom last night and I saw a lady carrying a LAMB Lucca Bowler in black....it was SOOOOO PRETTY! (but soooooo expensive; its $675!!) http://www.eluxury.com/brands/boutique/s04_d/content.jhtml?SectionID=6000&CategoryID=6540&SubCategoryID=6541&ClassificationID=6545&viewall=true&items=11&locations=false
    Anyone else have this bag? How does it handle? (i might consider getting it ; but i need to work my butt off to save up)
    I also like the Venezia Bag...its $725! :wtf:
    sorry if its not toki related...dunno where else this goes..
    mods feel free to move or delete this if u want
  2. toki/lesportsac?
  3. no, its her own new line; mostly leather
  4. This forum is Tokidoki/LeSportsac. I don't think LAMB has their own forum. You'll have better luck posting in the "Handbags & Purses" forum.