Dune purse is crooked (pics included)

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  1. I got this bag from TJ Maxx yesterday and I immediately loved it. As we were checking out, my mom noticed it was a little off. It’s sort of crooked, and there was a quiltedversion if this bag as well and that was also a bit crooked. The pictures below sort of capture it, but it’s hard to get the right shot. Is there a way to fix this? Will it maybe even out over time and with things in it? My mom thinks I should return it and just wait until May and she’d get me a perfect bag that’s more money, like a Michael Kors or something. I do like this one though, and I’m kind of hard on my bags. I’ve carried the same bag for the last six years and it’s time for an upgrade


  2. I can't see what's wrong with it in the pics. You said you love it. Can you overlook the flaw? Was it priced accordingly?
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  3. I'm thinking the crookedness might have something to do with the fact that the long strap is under the metal edged flap and it pulls the bag into that shape. Dune is a brand that might not have covered all of it's bases when it comes to quality - there are several other brands that have better quality at TJ Maxx.
  4. I can see what you’re talking about but honestly, if you like the bag and feel you got your money’s worth, I’d keep it. I’m not familiar with the brand and rarely go to a tj maxx store so I don’t know what kind of cost we’re talking about. But if you like it and are happy with it, I say keep it and wear it proudly.
  5. Maybe another TJ Maxx has another one you can exchange it for.