Dune phantom - your thoughts?

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  1. I've been trying to decide on my third purchase, either a dune phantom, grey croc phantom or vermillon mini. I have black and royal blue mini already. I'm usually very casual and I'm around my two young kids a lot. I'd appreciate your thoughts. TIA!
  2. I think a vermillion mini is probably the best. Gray croc phantom is high maintenance and you don't want to worry about your bag when you have two young kids. Although the phantom is very spacious it doesn't have a zipper which could be inconvenient.
  3. i might be in the minority but i vote for grey phantom. i've read a number of TPFers' posts saying that the nubuck isn't as hard to care for as you'd think - plus it's a different bag that holds A LOT. that being said, it can get a bit heavy. i like the fact that it's open too, which made me nervous when i got mine (black croc stamped) but it's actually really convenient!

    dune might be a bit light with kids around...

    my preference: grey phantom>vermillion mini>dune phantom

    let us know what you choose :biggrin:
  4. Thanks!!! That's what I'm leaning towards too!! :smile: