Dune or Powder?


Apr 29, 2012
This is tough, they r almost the same colorwise, but if i had to choose 1, i'd go with the powder, coz it has black handle which can mask any dirt n grime, n also bcoz its satin calfskin that looks n feels more luxurious, compared to drummed dune which slouches pretty quickly but it does resist sctratches quite well though. Good luck in ur choice ! ;)


New Member
Jan 2, 2014
Hi Guys,

This is actually my first post on the forum. My girlfriends been eyeing the Luggage Tote in Dune for some quite time and I've decided that I want to get it for her as our anniversary gift. The only downfall is that she would not help me one bit because she does not want me to spend this kind of money on her, which is why I am seeking help from you guys. To better my understanding, according to the SA at the Celine boutique in NYC, the Luggage Dune only comes in pebbled leather and not smooth? Or does it come in smooth leather also? If so, do you guys know if its impossible to get ahold of?