Dune Mini Lin Speedy in Holt Renfrew Catalogue!

  1. I just got the Holt Renfrew Women's Spring 2007 catalogue along with the invitation to the Private Shopping Night this morning.

    On page 169, there is a pic of the Dune Mini Lin Speedy! :nuts:

    But its decribed as "Cream cotton and linen Mini Lin Speedy bag with calfskin trim, $725. Made in France."!
  2. :drool: :love: :drool: :love: :drool:
    That bag is TDF!
  3. Love that color....so gorgeous :drool:
  4. [​IMG]
    :heart: :heart: so pretty, love the color:heart: :heart:
    minilin dune.jpg
  5. Hot :drool:!
  6. I love the noe, but I really want a petit noe in that color.
  7. Oh it's a gorgeous bag!
  8. Cute, but too high maintenance for me. I do like the mini lin though....it seems like a really good price for the speedy!
  9. im dyyyyyyyying to get it :crybaby: but im soo afraid of the risssky color :wtf:
  10. i love my mini lin speedy, but im seriously not feeling the dune color at all!
  11. I love mine. I think it is gorgeous!
  12. ^ITA ... the color is gorgeous IRL!
  13. i wish they made a mini lin pochette .... i'd get it in dune
  14. rica, what is that little charm hanging off the speedy?
  15. it only retails for $725? I thought it was $770..