Dune and Souris owners, I need to hear your feedback

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  1. I am debating between the dune and souris nano, but Id love to hear from owners of anyone who has drummed leather in dune and souris. How has the bag held up? Color transfer? Shape? I am planning to use this cross body a lot because I have a 2 year old and another baby due in June!

    I know ppl say get souris because dune has color transfer but truly is the color transfer that bad because i feel drummed leather is better at resisting that... Thanks!!!
  2. I had some colour transfer from dark denim on my dune but it mostly wiped off.

  3. Thanks! Any regrets on not getting a darker color or are you still really happy with choosing Dune?
  4. I love dune! It's such a perfect neutral colour. I am just careful with dark denim. The transfer was on the back of the bag and mostly wiped off so it's not really visible. I love the dune nano!
  5. I have a nano in souris (drummed leather) and i also wear it mostly cross body. I love it and don't have regrets getting the color. it's very versatile and goes with everything. When i got dark denim on the back of the nano, it quickly wiped off with just a damp paper towel.

  6. Thanks! I am happy to hear that it hasn't changed your feelings. The color is so beautiful and I'm so torn because I wear a lot of dark denim!

  7. Thanks! I love hearing this. Makes me lean more towards the souris because I've been wondering how much it will match w what I wear. My style is pretty casual.
  8. My style is also pretty casual (I wear a lot of hoodies). But i find the purse looks good with any outfit, whether its a night out or even just stopping by the grocery store.

  9. Ok I've mind my decision! Souris it is! Thank you!
  10. haha, that's awesome! hope you love it as much as i do. :cool:
  11. Did you end up purchasing the bag? I have been trying to decide towards these colors as well, and since I'm very careless with my bags, I've been leaning towards Souris.
  12. I have the Souris Nano and a Mini Luggage in the Dune leather. I would have no problem recommending buying the Nano in the Dune leather. The color is one of my all time favorites and goes with everything which is a must when choosing a cross body bag. Any transfer will wipe off easily using the proper safe products. Either one would be a beautiful choice!
  13. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1465171182.710787.jpg

    I ended up going with the souris because I was worried about color transfer but I do still think dune is a beautiful color and may consider it down the road bc it's so versatile. Thanks for everyone's feedback! I can't wait to wear her regularly! Right now I'm still kind of babying her. :biggrin:
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  14. gorgeous
  15. Great choice with the souris! I have a micro in that colour and have never experienced colour transfer :smile: