dumped on the radio!

  1. Oh my
  2. OMG that is harsh!!!

    but sounds like she deserved it!
  3. My God ! i'm speecless ! :nuts:

    OT! Miss Thing, is Timmy Mallet still on the air ?
  4. thats horrendous no one deserves that regardless of whats happened
  5. That's a blast from the past - I haven' heard about him since 1990, lol!:nuts: I had no idea he was a radio presenter. :shame:
  6. Meh. Cheaters are evil. I mean, if you cheat, don't you partly expect to breakup sooner or later?
  7. true so true :yes:
  8. LOL In PHX we have a radio station and they do a thing called "I knew you were a snake".The person who thinks their mate is cheating calls in, and the DJ calls their SO and pretends to be someone and has an elaborate story made up so they confess to cheating!Like one time, he pretended to be a Doctor and called this guy and said "I am a Dr. for a lady who has just contracted an STD. By law, I am required to call you and inform you of this. Could I please ask the names of the women you have slept with in the past 4 months?"The guy fell for it and was like "Oh my gosh...it has to be Katie!!"And then his girlfriend goes "this is Mary, you $*&*(%$(*&!!!"It was immature but kinda funny...
  9. I couldn't agree with you more!!
  10. How rude.
  11. Normally I'd say that's ridiculous, but once you cheat you can't expect to be treated nicely. Maybe she'll think twice next time!
  12. ^^I agree!
  13. Tacky tacky tacky, no matter what the situation
  14. hahahaha that is so funny!

    but seriously, even if someone did cheat, it still isn't right for them to be publicly humiliated like that.