Dump question: Does Goyard ever goes on Sales?

  1. Does Goyard ever goes on Sales or is it like LV (price go up all the time)?
  2. theres an outlet..i should have bought this satchel, it was for 299!! but i stupidly didnt.
  3. aarti - where is the outlet?
  4. yeah, where? i'd love to go!

    i don't think they ever go on sale just like vuitton.

    you've got to tell us. hihi! thanks!
  5. I thought they're like LV's that dont go on sale... yeah, tell tell... where is the outlet... *wears running shoes*
  6. There's an outlet??
  7. I don't think they go on sale and I've never heard of an outlet. :flowers:
  8. oh sorry all! i meant BV!! sorry sorry!!
  9. BV has an outlet?:nuts:
  10. yes they do. there is one at cabazon outlet CA
  11. I hear about this Cabazon place all the time. Where in Cali is it?
  12. ladies - just be aware that whatevers sold in the outlets are usually 2nd or 3rd quality goods. only first quality (aka. perfect) are sold in the major retail stores. another industry term for this stuff are"rags". so carefully check the items through & through before purchasing it.
  13. The price only goes one way....and it ain't down.