Dummy's Guide to 'Massaging and Twisting'?

  1. Hi, I recently purchased a Lilac Classique '06 and I would prefer that the leather is thicker. I read in some other threads that PFers recommend 'massaging and twisting'. My Bbag is my baby right now and somehow I can't fathom 'massaging and twisting' my darling Bbag! Can anyone give me pointers on how exactly do you massage and twist a bag? Also, any idea how I can achieve a darker matte look?
    Thanks and sorry for my ignorance! :shame:
  2. I used apple lotion to matteify and thicken my leather, but mine was ink... i'm pretty sure that using the lotion will make it a shade or so darker, but if you want that anyway, it may be the way to go! I put the bag over my arm and then massaged my arm through the bag- as if I had tennis elbow. firm pressure, gentle circular motions and a lot of time and lotion. ;)

    good luck! and there is a step by step thread somewhere on this... do a search (i think 3 members have had threads about different techniques) :flowers:
  3. OMG, this is so funny, i never thought of doing this in front of my bf. he would've said to massage him instead LOL. but i might do it to my bag in the other room ALONE! ha ha ha
  4. Hi sea...,

    I massaged mine, sort of like you would a person. I put the lotion (Lubriderm) on my hands and gently kneaded the leather until the creases softened. IMO, the older leathers (2005 s/s & f/w) don't require this, but the 2006 really benefit. I didn't twist mine at all. The color of my Cornflower didn't change. What happens, though, is that white veins becomes less prominent, so the color looks deeper.
  5. hi bbagbubba, thanks for the tips, i'll try it on my b-bags, but i'm not sure i will do the twisting thing either. because the 2006 leather is so stiff and crackled and i hated it.
    but i swear, if he sees me doing this he will laugh his head off...
  6. It sounds like a very intimate, private thing! ;)
  7. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. For those who have massaged and twisted their Bbags to make it more smooshy, did you find any areas on your bags that seem more prone to ripping? Did lubing or appleguarding those areas make it better?
  9. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  10. Hi everyone, thanks for your advice! Will definitely keep them in mind :yes:
  11. I was very gentle on areas with a lot of distressing. The moisturizing did help. Imagine that you have dry, cracked skin, and then you moisturize. It plumps up and the lines reduce. Same idea!
  12. ^^Humm, maybe i'll try this on my 2006!
  13. any idea on how to this with new tassles? i kinda don't like the stiffness of a new unused tassle, and really need to soften mine :P
  14. sea- I used AG on my tassles on a Bbag I don't own anymore but the tassles began to split from using the AG! It was okay only b/c there were extras.
  15. thanks zacorey :smile:
    i loved older b-bag with thicker leather, but the tassles is also stiffer, i don't like the look :P