Dumbo followed me home...

  1. My eyes met dumbo across a crowded room and it was love at first sight. Sorry for the terrible pic but I could not wait until tomorrow to share.
  2. Oh I LOVE that bag!
  3. Love it and congrats!!Why is it called dumbo?
  4. Love the color, congrats!
  5. Congrats!! The drummed leather in mink is growing on me. I still can't get the elephant hide comparison out of my head... but that is one Classy Looking Dumbo!!
  6. Oh nice! More pics please!!!!!
  7. omg im so jealous! congratulations! =)
  8. Very, Very Nice, but definitely need to see more photos :yahoo:
  9. Wow, that is a gorgeous bag! congrats!
  10. VKD - Yes, more pics. I know I mercilessly poked fun at the drummed leather/elephant hide resemblance, but it is really pretty IRL. I saw the mink Riki and mink Ring at the Choo boutique in January. The black drummed leather is really nice, too, and I really wish I could get the Roxie! So congrats VKD, wear your new bag in good health, and make sure to stock up on peanuts, lol!
  11. Hey VKD.......WELCOME TO THE HERD.......I have the Navy Blue Drummed Leather. Received it from my DH for Valentine's.

    I know you will :heart: your bag...just as much as I :heart: mine.

    It is fantastic leather...worth every PEANUT!!! LOL!!!
  12. It's lovely! I want the textured metallics
  13. Great new bag - I've seen the mink in my local JC boutique and I love the color - congrats!
  14. Oh, *that's* what you mean by elephant! That is a *gorgeous* bag--congratulations!!
  15. That's beautiful. But it's a tease....MORE PICS!!:nuts: