Dumbledore is gay, says Rowling

  1. SOURCE: http://www.newsweek.com/id/50787

  2. Good for him! I always wondered about that.
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  4. lol! i was going to post this, you gals beat me to it!

    i wouldn't have guessed.

    age-ism i guess.... i don't tend to think of the "elderly" as sexual beings, so his lack of close female relationships didn't ring any of my alarms...
  5. Right on.
  6. Not cool

    "In her mind?" Why didn't she just write it then? Since when did she care about making fans happy? She killed Harry's godfather in one book. I think that is just something she made up on the spot. Now people will be going overboard with that.:rolleyes:
  7. :nuts: lol i was like say what again
  8. Well, because it is a children's book, I don't think that little tidbit would go over so well with most parents. Besides, Dumbledore's sexuality shouldn't be an issue anyway, it really does not pertain to the story and I think she made it up on the spot.
  9. I would rather not know, takes the imagination out of the fiction when you know too many facts. It's not that he couldn't be gay, but couldn't she have left a little mystery for her readers to speculate on? Hinting about that would be exciting reading, flat out telling people is lame. Honestly, the first Harry Potter book bored me to tears, I never did get through it or read another, and that is saying a lot as I am a huge reader. The movies were fun but not great.
  10. wow! well usually someone being gay wouldn't surprise me, except it's Dumbledore!! haha like Junkenpo said, It's age-ism and you don't think of him as sexual at all.
  11. I don't think Dumbledore was gay until last night. There were a lot of characters that could have been gay (the fanficers always hint to Lupin), but I just can't see Dumbledore. There was no hinting to it in the books.
  12. ^^^
    it never mentioned a woman either though??

    it said on msn that jk rowling has mentioned it now because the director of the next movie made reference to dumbledore and a woman in the script, so she had to tell him that dumbledore is actually gay.

    i don't see the problem!
  13. Interesting - I'm glad she decided he was gay. I hope it will teach kids to be accepting and understanding because her fan base is so wide.
  14. Honestly, I would have never guessed that. But it doesn't matter either way to me.
  15. I don't think she made it up on the spot. Normally a writer knows (and usually writes) their entire characters backstory. Backstory refers to everything that occurred in a character's past. It may be family background, job history, psychological condition, and any memories you create for that person from childhood on. Everything that took place in the characters life before we meet them in a book or movie. A majority of the info it will never appear in the book or movie. You do this so you can truly know that character 100%. She didn't put it in because it was largely a children's book. Imagine the controversy it she did.

    I myself could care less about him being gay.