Dumbest/smartest thing you did in 2006

  1. So everyone, as the year comes to an end- we should all reflect on... blah blah blah!

    How about sharing the dumbest and smartest thing you did all year (within reason :p )!!

    Of course, me first:

    Dumbest: So many of these... aak. One would def be remaining friends with the most negative and nasty person in the world. Another would be attempting to take a puppy home to play with from the pet store (ran $3500) on my CC, and having the fraud department call a few minutes after... had to return the pup and looked quite stupid!

    Smartest: Took a job in NYC for the summer. Met amazing friends- some AMAZING PFer's, and had the time of my life- something I will never forget!
  2. Dumbest: Not study enough :sad:

    Smartest: Start dating my boyfriend :love:
  3. smartest: finally walking out on my abusive ex.

    dumbest: thinking a cop wouldn't notice me going 22 miles over in a construction zone...:push:
  4. Dumbest: ekekek, I have too many of these... well - I'll share one... telling my Dad - that I wanted him dead... (when my Dad and I fight its on like donkey kong) it really hurt him - of course and didnt speak to me for awhile.

    Smartest: finally walking out of my 5 year relationship with my bf.
  5. Dumbest: not study when I should :push:

    Smartest: "save alot of $ on my auto insurance" :roflmfao: j/k (have the "balls" to actually stand up for myself when my ex-coworker made a very inappropriate racial slur towards me during the scope of our employment).
  6. Dumbest: buying a bunch of purses off of eBay, only to discover that I didn't really want or need them, then selling them at a loss.

    Smartest: letting go of unnecessary stress.
  7. ^ Unnecessary stress is great to let go of, and hard to at the same time :yes:
  8. Smartest: Staying with the bf through all the rough times...and not just because we shared a puppy!

    Dumbest: Letting drama (from coaching the cheerleading squad (as a senior...oh that was SUPER dramatic) and my sorority) bring me down.
  9. Smartest: Moving to Toronto and setting up my own life there. Signing up for classes that will take me closer and closer to what I eventually want to wind up doing.

    Dumbest: Getting a ticket for tailgating a cop! (I'm sure there are WAY more, but that's the only one I can remember right now.)
  10. Dumbest: There are seriously too many. :sweatdrop:

    Smartest: Took the effort to find a decent job in September after not having a job since last December.
  11. Dumbest: Staying in a job that I don't enjoy.

    Smartest: Umm... Getting some training that will allow me to change jobs (unfortunately, it's still in the area of work I'm not cut out for).

  12. Dumbest: Not closing out CC's I had already paid off. Guess what...I just kept on spending.....aaaak!!! :censor:

    Smartest: Finally confronting my mother about my drug addicted brother and how he was using her to manipulate the rest of the family. It really changed our relationship for the better.

  13. Dumbest- Not studying enough :sad:

    Smartest- Finding TPF & finding a new job.
  14. Dumbest - Setting the Kitchen on fire in front of our dinner guests

    Smartest - Finally get the nerve up to approach other mothers in my son's Special Needs class - met some wonderful women!
  15. Dumbest: Being a showoff and boasting to people who I felt didn't give me the praise I deserve.

    Smartest: Starting my own business after doing a ton of research and talking to people.