Dumbest LV question ever...

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  1. Sorry for asking (and if this has been asked before well point me the way..)

    Is there a standard LV pricing list? Or does it vary per country? And if so is that just because of the conversion rate? So if this list exists - where is it? :confused1:

    Anyhow I am planning to purchase my first LV - there are stores here in Austin but I will most likely be purchasing in Denmark.. any hints would be appreciated.
  2. It differs by country (but it's basically based on the currency). It's cheapest in France.
  3. "somewhat" based on the conversion rate, although I wouldn't say so myself. The conversion rate for Canada (compared to US) is like... 1.1-1.3 with some fluctuations here and now, but LV currently has 1.075-1.078. And I use 1.6 for Euro conversion. Always works for me.
  4. So the only price basis I can get is Eluxury. And they don't seem to cover all items. No worries - Right now I am interested in Epi leather Petit Noe *or* a red Speedy 25. Does anyone know the approximate price/is Elux a good indicator?

    Anyone know how the US buck is doing against the Danish Kroner? Dollar wasn't too good with the British Lb....
  5. Anyone?

    Well my price point is 1K so I'll see what happens. I can divide quickly...
  6. As others have said varies by country...differs because of currency and import fees, that's why it is cheapest in France :smile:
  7. It differs due to conversion of currency, and taxes.
  8. You may want to consider buying through e-luxury as there is no sales tax if you're outside of CA and TN. And, they offer free shipping (sometimes...) and something called e-dividends or something like that.... check the threads ...