Dumbest Buyer EVER????

  1. Okay, if anyone can beat this one, I’d love to hear your story!

    Buyer won a NIB pair of kids’ UGG boots, I sent an invoice, no response from buyer, no emails, nothing. Filed NPB on Oct 5th; & was granted Final Value credit 8 days later. (Which means a non paying bidder strike for her) Still no response UNTIL...she pays the next day through Paypal. (No explanation on payment.)

    I refund her payment, noting the "transaction is over" on my response.
    Weeks pass & the genius bids on other items & decides to use the "Pay all your eBay Sellers" button, which of course, sends me another payment.

    "Dear rosenpetals,

    I believe I sent you another payment on Oct.27. I was paying off all of my
    orders not realizing yours was still on.. Please if you could cancel this
    for me.. Thank you so much."

    Alright, I’m human. I planned to let her stew for a few days, to teach her a lesson on how it feels when people don’t let you know what they plan on doing) but had every intention of sending her money back...
    UNTIL She left me a negative feedback! eBay removed the rating, but the words still are on my feedback page for all to read. (and just when I was going to list a bunch of Kooba handbags..grr)

    Here’s her negative:"very worn out"
    Since she never even received the boots (which were never even worn), she’s just stupid to do this to someone who still has her $85.

    I’m thinking of boxing up my husbands worn out slippers and sending them off to her, with delivery confirmation, of course..since she will get what she says she got. Karma.

    Childish, I know. But deserved, I think.
  2. I don't blame you for being annoyed! :nogood:

    Has she apologised for the undeserved neg. she left you?
  3. Wow. What is her feedback like? I'd be tempted to leave her a neg (in addition to the non-paying strike), I mean, she left you one. Lol, and yeah, I'd probably send her the slippers too. Make an honest woman of her :lol:
  4. Umm...hmm, this is a strange one for sure! I would email the "buyer" and ask her what the heck is up!
  5. Nope, no communication whatsoever, except for that one email.Hubby says she ain't getting his old slippers, either, lol.

  6. Her feedback is like at 83% positive, and she's had only 18 transactions!
    What's really scary about this gal is that she's already left 3 negs for sellers ( I don't think that includs mine, which was removed)

    It's people like her that make eBay a freaking nightmare.
  7. This is funny, very funny, actually...it's hilarious! Sorry you had to deal with her...
  8. Extremely odd, I would totally send her the slippers & keep her money. Just because she is too dense to use ebay doesn't mean you have to be the one that suffers
  9. I've only sold a few items on Ebay and each time I cross my fingers I will just get some normal person who doesn't make the transaction more difficult and time consuming than it should be. People like that woman who left the neg feedback shouldn't even do Ebay.
  10. Would her feedback even count since she rec'd the NPB strike?
  11. Wow, what a beyotch... She leaves you negative feedback for something dumb that she did?? I wonder what would have happened if you kept her money!
  12. Yep definately one of the dumbest buyer stories I have heard! I love the sending your husbands slippers in a box idea though lol!!!
  13. Definitely file a reply that this is retaliatory feedback and she never got item, and neg removed by ebay (if you can fit all that).
  14. OMG!!! That story is definitely one for the books! I don't think anyone can top that one!!! Your husband's slippers - classic!!!!
  15. This happened to me too ... buyer never paid me, and left me a neg, saying I sold the item to someone else! Well, duh, you never paid me! It went to the 2nd chance bidder.

    If it's any consolation, her bad rating doesn't count toward your overall, and it will get hidden as you have more transactions ... but I feel your pain.