Dumb Wristlet Question....

  1. I see that a lot of you buy wristlets to match your purses. The dumb question is what do you use them for:confused1:. I have one, but it is hanging in my closet only used once! Let me know.
  2. I use mine as a wallet so that I can just take it and go when I don't need to take a bag. Also they are much less expensive and I can't see buying a $200 plus wallet when I can buy a new bag for that price. Not a stupid question !
  3. All of the stuff that gets lost in the bottom of my bag - lip balm, eyeglass cleaners, hairclips, etc. A number of people use them as wallet substitutes.

  4. Hair clips, lip balms. Those are always at the bottom of my bag!! I knew I came to the right place.

    I am now soooooo addicted to this site. I was starting to wane a little bit from Coach, but you all have ramped me back up!!!!!!:wlae:
  5. I stick my digital camera in mine so that it doesnt get scratched up (and I also stuck my 'S' charm on the zipper! :yes:)
  6. I clip it inside of my large multi-function tote. It makes finding my keys, phone, id, etc, easier. Otherwise I would spend forever looking for stuff. :smile:
  7. Keys, phone. Clipping to the outside of the bag. Ingenious!! Again you guys are great. I would have never thought of that :idea:. And I can NEVER find my keys or phone!!!
  8. I have one for my IPOD shuffle, one for Receipts, and I am going to buy another during PCE for other little things that float around in my bags.

  9. Receipts!!!! I have the leather hampton checkbook wallet, that is overflowing with receipts. I would have never that of that. Well what do you guys use for your credit cards. They all won't fit in my wallet. And I have already taken the checkbook part out.
  10. I use mine as a wallet, and it's really handy for when I need to make a run to the store, but don't feel like carrying my purse. I just grab my wristlet and go!

  11. Use a mini skinny for credit cards!!
  12. I use mine kind of as wallet-annex. I keep big bills in my wallet, which is zipped away in the interior of the bag. When I break a 20, I put the change in the wristlet, and I keep that handy for small purchases. Then I can also grab it and go when I want to take a quick walk to Starbucks or something withough ricking spending everything I have when I find something cute somewhere. ;)
  13. That's a great idea, I never thought about using one for receipts. Thanks for the tip.
  14. I use my wristlets if I'm going out to a BBQ or somewhere (I dont' do clubbing anymore) so I don't have to carry a purse. Enough to carry my DL and my camera!
  15. I use mine for receipts so I don't clutter up my wallet with them. I'm thinking about getting another one for small items that always seem to get lost at the bottom of my purse. :smile: